PHOTOSHOOT and 10" x 8" Print

With No Obligation to purchase anything else

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Love and Happiness


Let me reflect the feeling of togetherness you have for each other in beautiful images.  During the two hours or so you will be photographed in a previously agreed location, usually in the garden of a stately home or similar. You will be sitting or standing, smiling, holding hands, having a tender moment, leaning in for a kiss, laughing and so on and have a few individual shots.


Camera shyness won't be an issue after the first few minutes.  This is going to be different - and fun!


I am offering my services for free in order to show you the work I can produce and of course in the hope that you book me as your wedding photographer. I am an experienced commercial photographer and have decided to expand the business into wedding photography so am currently building my portfolio.








You will receive internet access to the final selection of around 25 low resolution images for mobile phone or facebook use.  In addition, you can choose a single image from the set to be professionally printed at a size of 10" x 8". If wanted further photographs can be bought and will be available for prints or keyrings and various other products. I am also able to create a photobook.


You are doing me the favour of letting me photograph you.

In return I will produce a printed photograph to delight to you.


You'll love the results!



There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything* and no obligation to book me for your wedding either.

*Where necessary, entrance tickets to the gardens will need to be paid.

All I ask is that you have an engagement ring as that will be in some of the photographs(!)

Weekdays will be much preferred. Oh - weather permitting too!