Personalised Photo Book

Autumn Hunting with the Clifton-on-Teme Hunt


Choose your photographs from the website and let me create a wonderful memory of your recent weeks.  The book is 14" x 10" and opens to 28" x 10" and has 20 pages.  Beautifully printed on quality paper this will be a treasured possession and can be yours for £75 including design and delivery.

All the pictures below are a mock up of what it could look like.  Nearly anything can be changed - see the notes on the particular pages.  Please bear in mind that sometimes a photograph might not be large enough to print and some photographs will not suit the aspect ratio of the page.  For example a letterbox shaped photograph cannot be used to fill the front cover.



The Title can be altered to say whatever you want and can be placed wherever you want.  The font and font colour can be changed too.  The spine wording at present is "Autumn Hunting with the Clifton-on-Teme Hunt 2017" but this can be changed too.  The top photograph on the back will be changed to something that you want.  The only thing that will remain is the small picture and wording at the base of the back cover.

Pages 1-2

This example is just two photographs but it could be a double page spread or 4-5 photographs.  See pages further down for possible designs.  Perhaps you want some wording instead of a large photograph?  A copy of the passport?  An old photograph that you have?  How about the name of your horse, date of birth and lineage?  The choice is yours!

Pages 3-4

The two small photographs can be changed.

Pages 5-6

Again, the two small photographs can be changed.

Pages 7-8

This page will remain as it is.

Pages 9-10

The fox doesn't have to be displayed and the double page spread can be changed.

Pages 11-12

This page will remain as it is.

Pages 13-14

The rear photograph (berries) fills out the whole double page spread and will stay in place.  You can choose to delete or change the other four photographs as you wish.

Pages 15-16

This page will remain as it is.

Pages 17-18

Again, the rear photograph (landscape) fills the entire spread.  The two remaining photographs can be changed or deleted.  (And ... I know ... red coats ...!!)

Pages 19-20

Just as the first pages had sunrise images, the sleeping hound is a fitting end to the book.  These two photographs can be changed if you want.


Yes, Please!!

What do I need to do now?


You'll be pleased to know that it's quite simple.  Go down each page and make some notes.  Then email me the following:

  • Title of the book
  • Sub title if you want one
  • Any wording either for pages 1 and 2 (one on left, two on right)
  • Any of your own photographs you'd like in the book
  • Finally, the longest part of the project for you - all the nine digit references for the photographs and in page order

After a few days I will email you a mock up of the pages for you to approve.  I will tell you if something isn't possible but hopefully there is enough flexibility in the above for you to have your favourite photographs.  To avoid a succession of emails it is probably easiest if we chat on the phone to discuss any changes.

If you want any photographs in black and white or brightened or cropped or something please say.

Not enough photographs?  Tell me and make sure you come out in the next month or so and I can take more of you!